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Public Relations

It’s earned media, not free media. Kurth Lampe has placed stories in media outlets around the world. 

News coverage just doesn’t happen – it is the result of hard and smart work.

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Crisis Communications & Management

A lawsuit is filed, the media pops up with a list of questions or law enforcement officials arrive with a subpoena, 

Each requires thoughtful answers and usually corrective measures.

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Grassroots Lobbying

Saul Alinsky taught the value of the community organizing for change.

Every day an issue or legislation appears that can affect many. Kurth Lampe can organize opinion leaders, 

stakeholders, elected officials and others to support your agenda.

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Political Consulting

You want to run for political office? Now what?

Kurth Lampe can help you develop a winning message, build a strong campaign team, and

craft a strategy to deliver your message through direct voter contact and the media.

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Litigation Support

A legal case is tried in two courtrooms.

The Court of Public Opinion matters as much as the legal trial in the courtroom. We understand that 

media coverage of the litigation process is a reality. It is an opportunity to present your side of the story.

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Speech & Media Training

Kurth Lampe is regularly called upon to train its clients to work with the media. We have performed this task for everyone 

from US Presidential candidates and other elected officials to community leaders and business executives. 

The principals of our firm have served on the Senior Staff and Management of Podium Operations and Speakers at the last six Democratic National Conventions.

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Our Team

Kitty Kurth

Kitty Kurth 

Kitty Kurth is an international public affairs expert. She travels around the world and across the country providing strategic communications and political advice for human rights causes, political candidates, corporations, and NGOs.

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Kevin Lampe

Kevin Lampe is an internationally recognized expert in media and communications strategies. “Ideas, Delivered” is his mission. 

He develops and directs the delivery of his client’s complicated messages to a variety of audiences.

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Of Counsel

Greg Dunn

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Michelle Kucera

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About Us

Ideas, Delivered.

Kurth Lampe Worldwide 

is a strategic communications firm. 

Chicago know-how with an 

international reach.

For more than two decades 

Kurth Lampe Worldwide 

has provided public relations and communications strategies  for individuals, groups, and corporations in the US and around the world.

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